13 a.m


Rola Khayyat, 13 a.m, 2012

Arab Collaboration Project (2012)

13 A.M was conceived out of the Arab Collaboration Project, a residency program at the artellewa art space.  The Arab Collaboration Project brought together six Arab artists to collaboratively develop a creative project over a ten-week residency in Cairo, from March 23 – May 31, 2012.

The group met with artists and culture workers in Cairo and Alexandria to discuss the role of art and artists in times of political upheaval. The artists introduced their work in public presentations and contributed to a group blog. The project culminated in the group exhibition Carry On, and a public panel discussion on the role of the artist in revolution, held on the roof of artellewa.

The project was supported by the Arab Fund for Arts & Culture, and the British Council in Egypt.

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 13 A.M at the okk/raum in Berlin

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13 A.M at the aii-wien in Vienna1-Middle Escapes