Press Coverage


A look at Jews in the Middle East and North Africa … outside of Israel, Jason Lemon, Stepfeed

Interview on Aljadeed TV about ‘From Brooklyn to Beirut’

Lebanon’s Jews are often forgotten, this documentary sheds light on the community by Nadine Mazloum, Stepfeed

NOI, EBREI LIBANESI ALLA RICERCA DI UN’IDENTITÀ by Valerio Evangelista, Frontiere News

Talking to the Creator of “From Brooklyn to Beirut” by Bana Bissat, Banana Pook

Relapse, Artist Run Collective

Literary Autobiography and Arab National Struggles by Tahia Abdel Nasser, Book Cover Design, Edinburgh University Press


The Inheritance of War, Arts Culture Beat

Childhood Memories of War by Radhika Ingyer, Podcast

Photos from the Next Generation of Female Photographers, VICE

56 MFA Students Took Over a Pharmaceutical Factory, Creators Project VICE

SIMMER is an exhibition on the politics of food right before the boiling point, MOLD

Columbia Visual Arts MFA : Fisher Landau by Efrem Zelony Mindell, L’Oeil de la Photographie


Identity Theory, Beirut Photos by Rola Khayyat

Warscapes, ‘Silent Conversations’

Revolutionart International Magazine, Issue #46

Ilür magazine, Issue #6

Bowl Magazine/Arts/Thought, Issue 6 Paradise Regained?

Personal Territories, okk/raum9


Poetry Northwest, July 2013 Issue, Everett Community College, Everett WA

How Did Tamarrod Topple The Egyptian Government? By Ahmed Zidan, Open Democracy


Crosstimbers; A Multicultural, Interdisciplinary Journal, Vol. 12.1 and Vol. 12.2 (Spring – Summer/Fall-Winter 2012) University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, Chickasha, OK

Synopsis on BEYroute, Volume IX, Contemporary Practices: Visual Arts from the Middle East

Podcast: Interview with the Saudi Author of Brownies and Kalashnikovs, Mideast Youth, Online

Nahost in Bild und Ton: Ein (Bild)bericht zur Eröffnung der Photo-Ausstellung Middle Escapes“ im AAI-Wien, OKAZ

Arab Collaboration Project Blogspot, Artellewa


Lebanon, BEYroute: The Effects of War, September Issue, Le Journal de la Photographie

‘Roaming Images’, carrefour des cultures grecque et arabe, agenda culturel


Circus-ing around, NOW Lebanon

UFA Highlights, 3D Mapping Factory

3D Projection Mapping, art&d


Anywhere But Now, The Hidden Life of War, Heinrich Boll Foundation, Middle East Office, Beirut

Maps: 52 Artists from 23 Countries Publish Their Photographs on Borders, Bodies and Borderlands, Mastodonte Editorial

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